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Stephen Collier battles the Triple Pong Plop for $10,000.

Blueprint Description[]

In this challenge, the contestant must bounce ping-pong balls along three eleven-inch dinner plates and land a total of three into a fishbowl on the other side. Balls bouncing on the flat part of the plates will move more consistently down the line. Balls landing on the raised edges of the plate, however, will bounce in unpredictable trajectories.


This is a multi-level challenge, having been played at levels 4 and 5, whereas in level 5, two contestants play as a team and must land a total of four balls into the fishbowl.

Household Items[]

  • 3 11-inch dinner plates for each contestant
  • ping-pong balls
  • Fishbowl


1. Once game begins contestant may grab first ping-pong ball.

2. Contestant may only use one designated hand to release all ping-pong balls and may only release one ping-pong ball at a time.

3. If a ball remains on a plate, the contestant may remove it before continuing.

4. Upon release of a ball it must bounce on all three plates in succession without touching the ground before landing into the fishbowl to score.

5. To complete the game, all five balls must remain concurrently in the fishbowl within the 60-second time limit.

6. Any ball released from the hand within the 60-second time limit may count toward completion of the game.

7. Contestant may not reposition plates or fishbowl at any time.