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Blueprint Description[]

The average American will unwind over five-thousand rolls of toilet paper in their lifetime, typically while sitting and using only one hand. In this challenge, the contestant will unroll toilet paper while standing, using a continuous windmill motion to completely unspool rolls onto both of their arms, leaving them flushed with success.

Game Description[]

The contestant must unwind 2 rolls of toilet paper suspended on a crossbar by wrapping the paper around their arms until all of the paper on both rolls have been unwound.


This is a level 1 challenge.

Household Items:[]

  • 2 rolls of 2-ply,
  • 400-sheet toilet paper
  • broom handle
  • stand to hold broom handle

Set Up:[]

Toilet paper rolls should be placed on the bar with the paper over the top towards the player. The player should have the end of each roll in designated hand prior to start of game. When the clock starts, player begins to unwind both rolls with designated hand only.


To complete the game, player must wrap the toilet paper on the left around his/her left hand and arm and toilet paper on right around his/her right hand and arm until all the toilet paper is removed from the cardboard center roll within the 60-second time limit.

Rolling with it!