Minute to Win It Wiki

Blueprint Description[]

What do martini glasses and holiday ornaments have in common? In the real world: absolutely nothing! On Minute To Win It, however, they are both essential items in this sixty-second classic game. The contestant must alternately stack glasses and balls in order to build a four-story tower. Let's hope they will be toasting their victory, not drowning their sorrows!

Game Description[]

Contestant must alternate glasses and small round christmas ornaments to create a four-story tower.

NBC:Stack 3 levels of glasses with tree ornaments plus an empty glass on top.

Note: This game is similar to Egg Tower.


This is a level 8 challenge.

Household Items:[]

  • 12 ornaments
  • 4 NON-BREAKABLE martini glasses
  • 1 Table

Set Up:[]

The player begins with 4 glasses on one side of the table and a bowl of 12 small tree ornaments on the other. When the clock starts, contestant may begin placing tree ornaments in first glass. The final glass needs no ornaments in it.

Allison raised her glass and got her and Autumn $250,000 dollars for doing so.


1. Contestant must place 4 tree ornaments in the first, second, and third glasses in the stack.

2. Contestant may only add ornaments to a glass that has already been placed onto the structure.

EX: No "pre-building" by placing ornaments into a glass then placing the glass onto the structure.

3. If the tower collapses at any time, the contestant may resume or start over.

4. To complete the game, contestant must build a freestanding tower consisting of 3 glasses filled with 4 tree ornaments each topped by 1 empty glass within the 60-second time limit and tower must remain freestanding for 3 seconds.