Ping Tac Toe has two variants. For the first variant, which is Level 8, you must throw white ping pong ball
Ping Tac Toe (1-player)

Samantha Gomez (not in scene) had this board after her closest attempt to Ping Tac Toe.

s until one lands and throw orange ones and vice versa and attempt for three in a row. It was first played by Samantha Gomez, then Amber Wright, and finally, Aron Ralston. All failed the challange. A multiplayer variant was added in Season 2, where Bernard Berrian and Amber Wright had to throw both white balls at it, making it four times as easy. It is notable for that it is the only challenge to have both versions attempted by the same contestant, Amber Wright. As one of the most diverse challenges, it has a "vs." variant between two players, one throwing white and the other on orange. It has been seen in both Last Man Standing specials.
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