Minute to Win It Wiki

Blueprint Description[]

A paper clip, a key, and a chopstick: How can these ordinary household items provide hours of mindless fun? The answer: Indoor fishing! In this challenge, the contestant will hold a chopstick in their mouth as a makeshift rod, and then using a paper clip as a hook, they must catch a total of four keys, which lie on the edge of a round tabletop. Snag all four, and they'll win the fishing contest! But be careful: a shaky lift could send the catch tumbling to the ground and: game over!

Game Description[]

Contestant uses only his/her mouth to maneuver a chopstick that has tied to it a short kite string and an open paper clip "hook" at the end of that string. Object is to collect on the hook 4 keys that are hanging over the edges of podiums.


This is a level 5 challenge with a Merry Fishmas.

Household Items[]

  • chopstick
  • foul line
  • kite string
  • large paper clip
  • 4 house keys (with keyholes)
  • table

Set Up:[]

House keys are placed around the outside of the table with keyholes hanging over the table's edge. One end of a 12-inch piece of kite string is tied to the end of a chopstick and the other end is tied to a large paper clip. The paper clip end is pried open to be used as a hook. A foul line is placed 2 inches from the end of the chopstick that will be placed in player's mouth. The player places the chopstick in his/her mouth up to the foul line prior to the start of game. If you'd like to stay true to the original game, the keys should not have notches on them for true equilibrium.


1. Contestant may not use their hands.

2. Contestant may pick up keys in any order.

3.If a key is moved so that it no longer hangs over the edge, the hanging key, string and/or paper clip already hooked on the key may be used to move it back to the edge of the table.

4. If the chopstick falls from the contestant's mouth, the game is over.

5. Chopstick may not be used to move a key back to the edge.

6. To complete the game, the player must hook all 4 keys within the 60-second time limit, and they must concurrently remain hooked for 3 seconds.

Tips & Tricks[]

Get up against the table to stop the string from swinging if you have keys on. Reposition yourself and stay calm throughout. Use the edge of the table to guide the paper clip. Bending your knees could help. Don't Panic!

Shannon fishes for keys to get On The Hook.