Minute to Win It Wiki

Blueprint Description[]

In this challenge, the contestant must blow a standard soap bubble and guide it across the stage, through a hoop, using only the air in their lungs. Too aggressive of a blow, and the bubble will pop. Too weak, and it will lose momentum and crash. The bubble must remain whole as it passes through the hoop.

Game Description[]

Player must blow a bubble through a hoop 15 feet away.


This is a level 6 challenge in the United States and a Level 4 challenge in Australia, also having been played as Football Mega Bubble in the NFL special, whereas the hoop is replaced with a football goalpost.

Household Items:[]

  • 1 hoop
  • 1 bottles of bubbles
  • Start Line

Set Up:[]

Place a hoop 15 feet away. Have a start line and a one bottle of bubbles set next to the contestant's start line.


1. Contestant may not touch bubble with body parts.

2. Contestant must keep bubble whole as it passes through hoop, and can not change by making anthoer smaller bubble to win. Early in season 1, this rule was not in play.

3. Player must create bubble behind start line.

4. Player may not touch end hoop.

5. To complete the game, an un-popped bubble must pass completely through the end hoop in the designated direction within the 60-second time limit.

6. Only breath can be used to propel the bubble.

Tips & Tricks[]

Don't let the bubble get up too high or too low. Try to pick and blow a regular sized bubble, as too many bubbles can create a mess. Keep your breath steady throughout.

Rachel Adams cutting it close on Mega Bubble.