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Minute to Win It - Games - Johnny Applestack

Blueprint Description[]

The widest part of a red delicious apple is at the top and has five distinct knobs at the bottom, with no two apples identical in shape. In this challenge, the contestant must stack five of them, one on top of the other, forming a free-standing apple tower. If the tower falls, it can be re-stacked.

Game Description[]

Stack 5 apples on top of each other.


Rachel Adams making a free-standing apple tower.

This is a multi-level challenge, having been played at levels 4 and 5, whereas in "Last Man Standing" competitions, it's used as a level 5 challenge and the six remaining contestants have one less apple to stack.

Household Items:[]

  • At least 5 apples

Set Up:[]

Place apples in a bowl before the game begins. Contestant will take them out when the game starts.


1. Prior to game start, contestant must have both hands on the table with all apples in a bowl.

2. Once game begins, contestant may begin removing apples from the bowl and stacking them on the table.

3. The contestant may only use apples and no other objects to build the stack.

4. The contestant may choose any five apples and may substitute them at anytime.

5. The contestant may not alter an apple in any way.

6. To complete the game, five apples must be stacked freestanding one atop the other within the 60-second time limit and the structure must remain in place for three consecutive seconds.

Bobby DeMars johnny applestacking for 10 grand.

Tips & Tricks[]

Get out all the apples and figure out what works. This will allow you to work out all the possibilities throughout the game and then make a final decision towards the end of the game. Turn the apples around, sideways, etc. to try and get a better chance of winning.