Minute to Win It Wiki

Blueprint Description[]

Everyone's favorite stocking stuffer will take center stage in a challenge worth a half million dollars. Using balance, dexterity, and total concentration, the contestant must hang three candy canes on a taut string, only a millimeter thick. If the canes remain suspended for a full three seconds, it will be a very merry Christmas indeed.

Game Description:[]

Contestant must hang 3 candy canes on a tautly suspended string, by just the tips of the hooked ends.

Allison is being cautious with candy canes being hung with care.


This is a level 9 challenge with a normal variant, Just Hang On.

Household Items:[]

  • Candy Canes
  • Ball of String

Set Up:[]

Prior to game start, suspend the string so that it is taut and mark a designated "hanging zone." When the clock starts, the contestant may grab the first candy cane.


1. Candy canes should be free of any wrappings to insure proper balance.

2. Contestant may use both hands and hold more than one candy cane in hand at a time.

A level 9 photo finish fail!

3. Broken or altered candy canes don't count.

4. Candy canes must hang within the designated zone to count towards player total.

5. To complete the game, 3 candy canes must hang concurrently from the string within the 60-second time limit and must concurrently remain on the string for 3 seconds.