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Blueprint Description[]

A typical box of tissues contains one-hundred sixty tissues. Dispense its contents, one sheet at a time, removing one guides the next into place, and so on. In this challenge, using only one hand, the contestant must empty one box of tissues.

Game Description:[]

Using only one hand, pull all tissues out of a tissue box.

Household Items:[]

  • A 160-count box of tissues(Facial tissues recommended)
  • Podium(Optional)


This is a level 1 challenge and the first ever one played.

Set Up:[]

Set up a tissue box in a designated area. Contestant must grab the first tissue after the clock starts.


1. Prior to game start, contestant must stand with hands at sides.

2. Once game starts, contestant may grab the first tissue.

3. Contestant may only use the same hand to pull the tissues for the entire game.

4. Contestant may use other hand to hold the box.

5. Contestant's fingers may not enter the box.

6. To complete the game, contestant must empty the box and pull the final tissue within the 60-second time limit.

7. In the "Last Man Standing" version, the time limit is discarded in favor of not being the last one to finish. However, almost everyone finishes within 60 seconds.

Bobby DeMars empties the tissue box in MTWI's first ever game, but he was not the first to play it.