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Minute to Win It - Games - Hangover

Blueprint Description[]

There are over eight billion wire coat hangers in use around the world. In this challenge, the contestant will focus on only six of them, as they attempt to form a balanced chain, by hanging one to the other, to the other, and so on. Precise placement of each is crucial. A hanger positioned even millimeters off could upset the delicate balance, causing a catastrophic chain reaction.

Game Description[]

Hang 6 hangers from a rod, from 1 to the other so that no hook rests in the corner of another hanger.


This is a multi level challenge, with the level 8 version requiring 7 hangers and level 3 requiring six.

Household Items:[]

  • Wire Hangers
  • Some type of rod(shower rod, curtain rod, etc.)

Set Up:[]

When the clock starts, player may grab hangers and begin hanging them so that only 1 is in contact with the rod.

Heather Barker hangs over the $5,000 challenge.


1. Prior to game start, contestant must be in a standing position with hands at sides.

2. Once the game begins, the contestant may grab the hangers and begin hanging them on the shower curtain rod.

3. Contestant may not alter hangers.

4. Contestant may use both hands throughout the game to hang and stabilize the hangers.

5. If a hook slides to the corner of a hanger then contestant may re-attempt the task.

6. To complete the game, the contestant must hang hangers one on top of the other so that no hook is resting in the corner of a hanger within the 60-second time limit, and those hangers must remain that way for three consecutive seconds.

Tips & Tricks[]

The only real trick to this game is the obvious one: keep the hooks centered as much as possible.