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Minute to Win It - Games - Fish Head

Blueprint Description[]

In this challenge, a blindfolded contestant must place a lampshade on top of their head, using only a fishing rod. Without the ability to see, one loses all sense of perception and placement is difficult.

Game Description:[]

While blindfolded, move a lampshade hanging from a fishing rod on to the head.


This is a level 1 challenge.

Set Up:[]

Tie lampshade to the end of the fishing rod. Put blindfold on and hold the fishing rod with one hand, lampshade on the ground. When the clock starts, use one hand to manipulate the rod.

Household Items:[]

  • Fishing Rod(with line)
  • Lampshade
  • Blindfold


1. Prior to the start, contestant must put on a blindfold blocking all vision.

2. Contestant is handed the handle of a fishing rod which has a lampshade dangling from it.

3. Using only the handle of the fishing rod, the contestant must maneuver the lampshade and place it squarely on top of his or her head within 60 seconds.

Tips & Tricks[]

Take a couple of seconds to get a feel for the heft and balance of the lampshade before trying to maneuver it towards your head. It's easiest to get the lampshade hitting your forehead first, then sliding it up on top of your head.

If It looks like a fish head, it probably is!