Rachel Adams

One of many failed attempts at the challenge.


Don't Blow The Joker is a challenge in Minute To Win it. The goal is to blow all the cards off a standard deck of cards except the bottom card - The Joker. It was first attempted by Rachel Adams in episode two, who failed. It was also in Episode 11, where Kevin Jonas played it, saying it was the whole reason for his entrance, as he "watched a lady (Rachel Adams) do it and kept messing up and thought 'It Couldn't Be That Hard'" but ended up losing the challenge on the show, like Adams. Although it is a Level 9 challenge as well as a level 7, the versions are exactly the same(with the exception that level 9 has 3 decks and level 7 has 5 decks). It's most recent attempt was by Pierre Thomas, who failed as well.

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