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Josh Needham and Lindsay Pond Deck The Balls.

Blueprint Description[]

In this holiday challenge, two contestants will play as a team. Bet you never thought that wrapping paper and ornaments could provide hours of Christmas fun! One of the contestants will use a gift wrap tube to suck up ornaments and then transfer them to their partner, who must hang a total of three upon an awaiting string. Proprioception is needed if they don't want to drop the ball.

Game Description[]

Contestants use empty gift-wrapping tubes to suck up ornaments and transfer them to each other and place them on hanging string.


This is a level 6 challenge and a variation on Suck It Up.

Household Items:[]

  • Ornaments
  • Wrapping paper tubes
  • String hung horizontally

Set Up:[]

Prior to game start, contestants are in standing positions, each holding a gift-wrapping tube. When the clock starts, Contestant A uses his/her tube to suck the first ornament from the start bowl and transfer it to Contestant B. Contestant B uses his/her tube to suck the ornament from the teammate's tube and transfer it to the end string.


1. If an ornament falls to the floor or is touched at any time, that ornament is out of play.

2. Contestant may not alter ornament in any way.

3. If ornament is knocked off of string, it will be subtracted from the player's total.

4. To complete the game, 3 ornaments are successfully transferred and hung on the end string within the 60-second time limit. All 3 ornaments must remain on the string concurrently for 3 seconds.