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Blueprint Description[]

Summer's here! It's the perfect time for a Minute To Win It picnic! In this challenge, the contestant will use paper plates and empty soda cans to build an inverted pyramid, starting with one can topped by a plate, then two cans, and so on, until the five-story structure is complete. But this is no picnic! If the stack is not perfectly centered, it will topple.

Game Description[]

Stack 5 levels of cans, starting with 1 on the bottom and 5 on the top, inserting a paper plate in between each level.


This is a level 1 challenge and has been used in head-to-head competitions.

Household Items:[]

  • 4 paper plates
  • 15 empty soda cans(with no tabs)

Set Up:[]

The game begins with 15 cans to the left of the building surface and the paper plates to the right of the building surface. When the clock starts, player may start stacking the first can and plate.


1. Player must follow the order in which the cans and plates are stacked and how many cans go on each level.

2. To complete the game, player must have stacked 5 levels of cans with a paper plate between each level, and 5 cans on the uppermost plate. There is no plate for the final level.

Tips & Tricks[]

Try to keep each tier as centered as possible with cans touching each other. When adding cans, try to place them on top of the point where two cans underneath meet. If you are right-handed, try using your left hand to hold the cans and plates as you stack them. This will help you maintain good balance and control as you build. As you build the pyramid, try to be as smooth and efficient as possible with your movements. Avoid wasting time by fumbling with the cans and plates, and try to minimize any unnecessary movements. Go for a trial run that will help you get a feel for how the cans and plates fit together and how long it takes you to stack them. If you're comfortable using both hands, try using one hand to hold the cans and plates and the other hand to stack them. This will help you work more efficiently and potentially finish the game faster.

Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 4.53

Kimberly Fox getting ready to wow the crowd by kicking off the top two levels of her candelier.