Minute to Win It Wiki

Blueprint Description[]

Minute To Win It has combined the wholesome goodness of breakfast cereal with the innate hardness of jigsaw puzzles. The front of a cereal box has been cut into sixteen squares, randomized, and must be reassembled by the contestant. The fact that all the puzzle pieces are the exact same shape adds to the difficulty.


This is a level 7 challenge, having been played with two contestants as well, whereas the cereal box is cut into twenty squares instead.

Game Description[]

Assemble the front of a cereal box cut into even square pieces.

Set Up[]

Cut a cereal box into squares and then arrange a set area where the finished puzzle must be placed. Pieces should be small and around the same size and shape.

Household Items:[]

  • Cereal box cut into 16/20 squares.

Nathan Moon & Chelsea Chinery completing Breakfast Scramble.


1. Pieces may not touch or go outside of the red square.

2. Pieces may not overlap.

3. Prior to game start, contestant must be in a standing position with hands at sides.

4. Once the game begins, the contestant will turn over the puzzle pieces and begin to assemble puzzle.

5. If a puzzle piece falls on the floor during the challenge, the contestant must pick it up.

6. To complete the game, the contestant must assemble the puzzle and it must be completely inside its designated zone on the table within the 60-second time limit.


Just like you would with any puzzle, start working at a corner in order to keep the puzzle within the designated space. When you come across pieces with letters, try to put them together to make words. This is easier than matching up images.