Minute to Win It Wiki

Blueprint Description[]

In this challenge, the contestant must flip two pencils from the back of their hand and snatch them in mid-air. This must be repeated six times, adding two pencils with each attempt, until they flip and catch a stack of twelve. One bad toss could erase their hopes of winning a million dollars.

Game Description:[]

Catch increasingly larger sets of pencils, flipped off the back of your hand.


This is a multi-level challenge, having been played levels 2, 4, and 7, whereas in level 4, the player needs to add two more pencils to flip and catch fourteen, and in level 7, the player needs to add another two pencils to flip and catch sixteen.

Household Items:[]

  • Up to 16 pencils

Set Up[]

Pencils are placed on playing surface in increments of 2, with all erasers facing the same direction. When the clock starts, player picks up first set of 2 pencils and places them on the back of his/her hand.


1. Player must flip pencils into the air, then catch them together. Player adds two more pencils with each turn, building to a final set of 12.

2. Player cannot add the next set of 2 pencils until the previous set has been caught.

3. Pencils must be caught in the same hand they were flipped in.

4. To complete the game, player must catch sets of pencils in succession within the 60-second time limit.


This is one game that you can master with practice. Make sure the pencils are bunched as closely together as possible, and flip them just high enough to give you time to grab them. It should all work in one swift motion.

Scott goes all out at Back Flip.